Phyllis Hatcher is proud to announce that Rockdale County businessman and civic leader Muddessar Ahmad has endorsed her for Georgia State Senate District 17. He is a native of Pakistan that immigrated to the United States to pursue the American Dream. His initial shop on West Ave has now grown into a multi-business corporation. Mr. Ahmad dedicates his time to helping the community through key law-enforcement and educational initiatives. He also helps the elderly with taking care of their lawns and providing meals.

Ahmad was the March 2017 recipient of the Charles P. Cole-Lewis Belcher, Jr. Citizen Involvement Award – honoring his dedication of time and energy to the Rockdale community. Rockdale Chairman Oz Nesbitt noted during the award ceremony that Ahmad, “is a true example of the American Dream. He came to this country and pulled himself up by the bootstraps and turned his chance in Rockdale County into an opportunity.”

Phyllis is deeply honored to have such an inspiring local leader endorse her for state senate. At a time when some political leaders wish to curtail immigration and engage in fearmongering about the immigrants that are already here, Phyllis supports and is thankful for the many new immigrants like Mr. Ahmad that continue to come to America to help build both our state and our nation – as immigrants have been doing since before our nation’s founding.